Taking Care of Your Smile: Tips in Teeth Whitening

methods to whiten teeth

One of the most asked questions of all time when it comes to discussions concerning the mouth and teeth  is on how to achieve a pearly white set of teeth. Indeed, today, many attempt are looking for ways to whiten their teeth both naturally and artificially. In fact, some people are more than willing to spend tons and tons of cash when it comes to investing in modern technology just so they can achieve that perfect smile.

Needless to say, a set of white teeth definitely adds beauty to the face. That in mind, the color of the teeth is, therefore, treated as an important factor to consider. This is especially true for some professions which require the most presentable look; here, white teeth adds to the factor of being presentable.

With this, we present to you a compilation of some of the many effective ways of whitening teeth. These are a combination of natural and artificial methods which you might want to try out. Without further delay, here are the teeth whitening methods.

How to Whiten Teeth

Use baking soda but do not overuse.

Baking soda is an abrasive. No doubt, it will definitely give your teeth a cleaner look; however, you must not overuse it since its abrasive nature may just dig into your enamel and defeat the purpose for which you used it for. You may use baking soda every other day for 1 week; however, for the next weeks, it should be used lesser and lesser.

Avoid dark-colored food and drinks.

Dark colored food and drinks will stain your teeth. Thus, it is important to avoid food and drinks such as blueberries, coffee, tea, etc. Perhaps, you can excuse yourself from following this rule during Christmas, birthdays, or special occasions but during daily living, you might want to adhere to this if you really are determined to have a whiter set of teeth.

Munch on raw vegetables and fruits.

Munching on raw fruits and vegetables will actually help remove plaque from your teeth. Aside from this being healthy, you’re also helping your teeth look clean. Simply put, you’re hitting two birds with one stone for this one.

food to avoid to whiten teeth

Change your toothbrush every 2 months.

Toothbrushes should be replaced at least every two months. This rule not only applies to ensure teeth whitening, this is also a general rule in order to avoid bringing in the same bacteria from your toothrbush into your mouth.

Use whitening laser kit.

Today, teeth whitening laser kits have been trending online and offline. Celebrities, bloggers, and other social influencers have been promoting a small whitening laser kit which you simply bite on for a couple of minutes; do this every night and the results will definitely put you in awe. However, the effects are temporary lasting to usually up to 6 months.

Try out oil pulling.

Oil pulling is a famous Indian method of detoxifying. Oil pulling has been marked as one of the most effective teeth whitening methods. Unfortunately, oil pulling detoxifies the entire body, in general, thus, some people tend to experience breakouts on their face and other effects of detoxification.

Visit your dentist.

Getting your necessary oral prophylaxis should also help in maintaining a white set of teeth. Teeth cleaning will thoroughly remove plaques and other dirt lodged in your teeth for the past months or so. Bleaching is also commonly done by dentists. Just make sure you end up with a reliable dental team, such as ATX Dental, before getting into teeth whitening/bleaching procedures done.


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