Christmas In July For The South: What Is That About?

Christmas in July

When we hear the words “yuletide”, “holidays”, and “Christmas”, we, undeniably, automatically think about Santa Claus, reindeers, gifts, coals, chimney, gifts, laser lights for Xmas, and most of all, we think of snow. Almost universally, Christmas is associated with cold and snowy season. Hence, the many snow globes, snowflakes,and snowmen Christmas decors.

However, there are actually parts of the world wherein the traditional Christmas season (during December) falls on a summer. Take for example, Australia. This country spends their summer during December and so usually, during December, Australians have activities such as going to the beach, watching movie outdoors, throwing a barbecue party, etc. This is purely because their winter season falls in July; thus, the notion of Christmas in July was born.

Christmas In July

Although Christmas in July is a true celebration as far as the Southern hemisphere is concerned, the origins of the phrase “Christmas in July” actually does not trace back to Southern hemisphere history.

In fact, the first recorded usage of the phrase was from 1933 in a girl’s camp located in North Carolina. Later on, “Christmas in July” was used as a title of an American movie. From that, songs pertaining to it also emerged.

However, the use of this phrase in the United States, as well as in many other countries, leans more towards marketing. The phrase is used as a marketing tool instead of being used for an actual holiday in July.

July sale for Christmas

Christmas Sales

Indeed, the business world took advantage of the the notions of celebrating Christmas in mid year July. Even though Christmas is not celebrated during mid year in America, Europe, and Asia, big and small companies take this as an excuse to have Christmas sales. From clothes, shoes, to home decors, home appliances, and many other products, sales are offered during mid-year and it is often dressed up as “Christmas in July”.

Today, even online businesses have adopted this trend as well. And that is because, people have looked forward to it. It’s probably safe to say that people love the idea of celebrating Christmas twice a year; after all, it is a great excuse to go shopping.

South Hemisphere

Places located in the Southern hemisphere are truly the ones who celebrate yuletide season in July. Understandably, the seasons in the Northern hemisphere are in reverse with the seasons in the south. So, if Christmas falls on a winder in the North, it would be summer for the South. Although it’s fine to celebrate Christmas during summer; history has placed a great emphasis on how Christmas is traditionally celebrated during winter. This is why countries that belong to the Southern hemisphere, especially those which have roots tracing back to Europe, opt to celebrate the holiday during mid year when snow is falling.

Countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, Bolivia, Angola, Paraguay, and South Africa are some of those who celebrate winter during the mid year. Australia is popularly known to celebrate Christmas during July.

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